New Protocol


As the Corona virus is spreading and the World Health Organization & governments are providing guidelines to limit the spread of the virus. Wicked Maple Design has introduce a new protocol to meet & interact with clients. We do take safety of family / clients very seriously, and will thrive to provide the safest process to ensure everyone is comfortable & still provide the excellent service and professionalism we have been known for. 

As with any design process, communication is essential in order to get your ideas on a plan. In our process most of the communication is done via emails and phone conversations. That leave us with the initial meeting (Where we look at your project, get ideas and comments in the open, and make a schedule for your design), the site measurements & the final meeting (Where we review the final plan, reviewing every pages, answering questions to make sure you understand the construction of your project. 

Here are the steps we are taking to protect your family and loved ones, and ours. They will be fully implementing on Tuesday March 24th, 2020.


-All meeting are to be online. Wicked Maple Design use Skype & Slack. This way there is no direct contact between participants. We will ask that all information be emailed 24H prior to the meeting, so we can print and review the information provided. A test call/invite shall also be done the day prior to make sure all participants are set properly. Make sure to send us an email prior to send us a Skype connection request, so we know to connect with you. I will need your email address in order to create a workspace on Slack for your project. We are also open to use different software if you are more comfortable with a different software. 


-The format will be the same as we have done in the past, as we have lots of positive review on the way we conduct business, we will try to keep it as similar as we can.

-We will have an initial meeting online, where Wicked Maple Design will learn about your project. Ideas / comments will be discussed. We use this meeting to see where you want to go, and let you know how to get there. 

-At the end of the project, we will let you know: Design Fees, expected various fees that won’t be covered on our design. Including but not limited to : Surveyors , Engineer.

-you will have time to think and discuss the information from the meeting. If you wish to continue the process, you just have to email us, and we will go from there.

-The initial meeting is free of charge. 


-In certain occasion, a site meeting will need to be schedule. As we do renovations, measuring the existing home is essential. We will ask that a 2M (6’-0”) social distance be arrange between participants at all time. Since we will be already at the job site, we may discuss some options at that time (social space to be maintain). It’s imperative that no one show symptom of any illness while this operation is occurring. If any participant get ill prior of this process, site meeting will be postpone until everyone is well. For the ones who test positive for COVID-19, a 30 days period will be implemented.

We will keep you updated on new regulations as the situation progress, and will focus on quality and safety for all. 


refer to the Canadian Construction Association Protocols



 1. It begins with an introductory meeting where I will gather information, questions, expectations in order for you to complete your project and know your needs.

2. After the design process starts! First, I do the floor plans, giving you the time to review and comment. When the floor plans are completed, I will request an approval.

3. The exterior: It will be the elevations (Front, Rear, Left, Right of your construction). Again, you will have time to review and comment. Another approval will be required.

Do not hesitate to contact m



 Fees included: Introductory meeting, site measurements (if required), floor plans, elevations, sections, AHITC guidelines (if required), constructions details, electrical plan (if required). All plans come in .pdf format, .dwg format (AutoCAD) and 3 set of hard copy (paper). **Additional fees may be required for extra paper copy**



 Every space is different. Every structure has its unique reason for existing.
Prior beginning the processes, here are some useful questions you should answer:

  • How many floor?
  • How many square feet?
  • What kind of house style
  • How many bedrooms?
  • Do we want a master ensuite?
  • Do we want a loft/bonus room/children interaction place?




It is important to plan for the future, your new home / renovation shall take into consideration the next 10 years. Do you plan to have a family? Then you should account for when they are teenagers (as teens tend to take more room, need more privacy). Do you plan to work from home? If not now, but perhaps later, do make sure you have the room for an office. Too many time I have seen a poor planning, therefore the home isn’t as comfortable as originally thought.

I can plan for future needs, make easy to modify later areas, designed as stages renovations (Stage 1 now, Stage 2 in 5 years, Stage 3 in 10 years, etc.). It is more effective and cost effective to plan ahead of time. Make sure you know where you want to be. I will inquire about this in the introductory meeting, so that we start with a good plan for years to come.

Resale value is important, as we don’t know what life as in store for us, make sure it also is desirable for others, you might need to move for an opportunity, and would like to sell fast and get top dollars for your home.